Home Office - Craft Closet

Oh my gosh you guys it's my first blog post! I feel like I should have done an introductory post first but heck, why not just jump right in!

I've been going back and forth with the idea of making a home office ever since we moved into our home a little under a year ago. This room was turning into one of those spaces where all the junk migrates to. I was able to donate a lot and re-purpose the rest.

I researched different options and had narrowed it down to two - the Original Scrapbox or a custom unit from the Container Store using their Elfa products. I loved the idea of the scrapbox but didnt love the price and that it would take up a pretty good chunk of space in my room. I opted to go with the Elfa unit and I am sooooo glad I did because I was able to stick it in my closet! I plucked off the doors before I could take a pic but here is what it looked like post doors. :) 



 I've used Elfa in the past when I set up my office for the business so I was very familiar with how it worked and even had some spare parts from my previous install that I used for my new space which helped on costs. It definitely isn't cheap but the quality is there. This is a space I'm going to be using almost daily so I was ok with investing the money into it. All in all I spent about $500 to get everything I needed which I know is a lot for a craft space. This didn't include the drawers and some of the utility board components since those are what I had prior to starting. Compare that $500 to the $2000 Scrapbox and it looks like a steal, or that's what I keep telling myself. :) Honestly though, having a place for all my things will help in so many ways!

Designing the space was a breeze. I designed the space with a rep in an online chat.  I was able to pick up all the items at my local Container Store and my husband Zach installed it for me. They do offer installation options if you're not handy but it's actually quite easy! You will notice the final result looks much different than the actual design. I shortened my overhead shelf from a 16" to a 12" and eliminated the top two rows. Since this is in a closet those top rows were just too high and not functional for me. I also replaced a row of drawers and added a utility board.

 Here are the final results:


I can't wait to pull all my craft supplies from all the nooks and crannies I have them stashed in now. Having everything in one place is going to be amazing!